# Title Description
1 Report on final conference in Belgrade This document presents the EmBuild final conference & the main outcomes of the project so far. Download
2 Target group analysis This document describes primary and secondary audiences of EmBuild, how and when they will be contacted and what kind of reaction is expected from them. Download
3 Communication strategy This document is showing the means and channels for effective outreach towards the target audience as well as descibing strategic use of communication Download
4 Communication plan This Communication plan outlines the means of contact and time frame of stakeholder involvement. Download
5 Guidance note on stakeholder involvement In order to increase the capacity of public officers across the partner regions, the first step is to examine their respective fields of interest, knowledge of energy efficiency regulations, understanding the impacts of energy efficiency measures as well as their interest for EmBuild project activities. The information collected and generated during this survey will be at the cornerstone of further project activities planning for selected municipalities and is included in this document Download