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1 Guidance note on stakeholder involvement In order to increase the capacity of public officers across the partner regions, the first step is to examine their respective fields of interest, knowledge of energy efficiency regulations, understanding the impacts of energy efficiency measures as well as their interest for EmBuild project activities. The information collected and generated during this survey will be at the cornerstone of further project activities planning for selected municipalities and is included in this document  
2 Guide to Raising Awareness at Municipal Level This report presents possible measures for improving the awareness of benefits of applying energy efficiency measures and deep renovation in public buildings at local level. It includes measures of a more general nature as well as country-specific recommendations.


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1 Barriers that hinder deep renovation in the building sector This report focuses on the main barriers to deep renovation that municipalities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia have to face.  


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1 Evaluation and specification of wider benefits of deep renovation measures This study serves as a basic paper and knowledge hub and it consists of a detailed and profound data analysis to evaluate wider benefits that follow up deep renovation measures and respectively energy savings.



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1 How to Improve Investment Climate at Local Level The main objective of this document is to present existing and/ or innovative approaches/mechanisms for active involvement of stakeholders at public level and to facilitate and stimulate application of such awareness raising measures in practice.