# Title Description
1 Standardised report for detailed analysis of buildings In the course of the elaboration of a renovation strategy, or to prepare the renovation of a single building, a detailed analysis might be necessary. This includes the collection of data of the building. Download
2 Webinar concept This report will document the conception and design as well as the dissemination of the webinars in the partner countries. Download
3 Catalogue of low and no-cost measures It is widespread knowledge that the European Union’s climate and energy targets can only be reached, if the energy consumption of Europe’s building stock is significantly reduced. Low and no cost measures matter as well. Download
4 Questionnaire for preliminary analysis of the building stock For the elaboration of a long-term renovation strategy for all buildings of a municipality – independent on the size of the public body – it is essential to have concrete information about the buildings owned and used by the public sector. This document can serve as a guide through this process. Download